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Referral Program

If you love our store and the way you feel when wearing our clothing, why not share it with everyone you know?

Our NEW Referral Program is designed to allow you to become a brand ambassador for our store. You spread the word while we extend to you some well deserved thanks for your efforts. 

Here's the fine details:

- Tell your friends, family, loved ones... Well, basically anyone you feel should know how much you love Flawless, Darling Boutique. 

- Share with them a little about our Referral Program and how it not only helps you, but can help them with their shopping addiction as well! ;)

- Each time you refer a new client to our store, you will receive 20% off your next purchase AFTER they make their first purchase. We will then email you a personalized code for 20% off your entire purchase that is valid for 30 days.

IMPORTANT: Your referred client MUST INCLUDE a note in their cart when placing their order that they were indeed referred by you. Please have them include your first and last name for reference.